Insurance industry knows climate change is here!

Yes,   the insurance industry is hurting!  Click here for latest figures.  These are the first effects of climate change.    COST, COST and more COST!   How long can Governments and business ignore this?   How long before you won’t be able to insure against it? How long before it sends Governments broke –  Queensland is a good example.

Add this to the Climate Commissions report  out today  find it here    and we are really galloping towards the unknown!   This really is a sobering read,  but I hate the way it seems to assume that all is now ‘set in stone’  as to what will happen.  Its like ‘Well, the Titanic has hit the iceberg, assume the crash position’.  (the report has sections on specific areas of Australia which might be of interest to you)

Yet, we are still not engaging the largest carbon sink over which we have control –  the soil,   we are still painfully slow at engaging new  (people friendly) energy sources, and the powers that be seem to have the ‘adaptation’ model going –   assuming we can no longer ‘mitigate’ or lower the effects.

I know its important for people NOT to be afraid, but we do need a really big kick up the backside!  What will our children say to us  –   “What did you do Mummy (Daddy, Grandma etc)  to help save us from the worst effects of climate change?”

I reckon we should be on a WAR FOOTING  now when it comes to truly making a difference in the time we have.   When there is such a focus,  people pull together towards a common goal.  Women, in the second World War did things we never knew we could do.

The soils have such great win/wins.  Such productivity and other co-benefits to be had when we store carbon back in the soils – its just not good enough to say ‘the gains are only small’  –  we need EVERY tool we have –  YESTERDAY! Sometimes I wonder if its just too easy, too ‘low tech’  and that’s what keeps it hidden –  if it cost billions to do,  it would probably get more air-time!     I know there are some ‘difficulties’ but for goodness sake, we can get to the moon, we can invent aeroplanes that go faster than the speed of light,  surely overcoming some technical issues with soils CAN’T be beyond us?