Is the race to the lodge narrowing?

Is the race to the lodge narrowing?

With the polls pointing to a Labor win, or a Labor/independents win, what is happening in the carbon market?

Yes, I know, a week is a long time in politics, but as reported in the Australian today, some are starting to place their bets.

“This week, on one day, about 250,000 carbon units – equivalent to two weeks’ normal volume – changed hands at around $29.50 a unit in a range-bound market (stuck between $30 and $35 a unit against a February high of $57),” reported The Australian.

Why would this be happening?

Well, for one thing, it is generally known that Labour would have tougher Emissions Reduction Targets – i.e., they would be firmer on the amount of Emissions that businesses can emit, and have targets that would tighten these emissions reductions over time.

Therefore, the demand for credits would rise – as businesses cannot reach large targets by reducing their own emissions only. They would need the likes of Landholders, and others who can reduce emissions on the land to do the job and they then buy those credits (ACCUs).

Again, as The Australian said yesterday:

“In stark contrast to Scott Morrison’s statements, Australia has an effective government-sponsored carbon trading market, which not only establishes a price on carbon but penalises (taxes) those that don’t stick to the ­safeguards.

“Canberra, thanks to Tony Abbott and before him the then NSW Premier Bob Carr, is indisputably setting a price on carbon and has established a world-class offsets program.”

YEP, our Carbon Credit Program is WORLD CLASS!!

Yes, we are even ‘clean and green’ in the carbon farming world. ACCUs are sought after due to the rigour and integrity built into our methods and systems. And our good Governance.

But, we need to grow this industry. There are simply not enough ACCUs being generated to meet future demand. After all, it can take 1 – 5 years to earn one.

That is why we are holding the tenth National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo next week!

We have gathered the ‘crème de la crème’ of the Carbon Farming and Carbon Trading world. For your education, and entertainment. Check out the program here.

This conference is not just for the Landholders, but for all the associated industries – agronomists, trusted advisors, businesses, and others.

We’ll be stretching your brain during the day, but making sure we help you relax and enjoy the entertainment in the evenings.

We are close to 400 and counting now. The buzz will be incredible.

Come and join the fun as we expand this amazing new industry – the one that has the win/win of productivity gain and planetary healing. THE NATURAL WAY.



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