It's a methane digester led recovery!

February 10, 2013 Louisa Kiely

Whats happening with the CFI this week?

Confidence in the Carbon Markets has been shown by the Landfill Gas Recovery and Intensive Pig Industry.

Since the first piggery ‘CO2 from methane’ digester project was started in the Young District, there are now four others up and in the running for Carbon Credits. Two declared and two more coming. Add this to the fact that there are no fewer than 20 capture and combustion of methane in landfill gas from legacy waste projects, shows that people will invest to enter this market. See the full list here.

Meanwhile Broadacre farmers and the soils wait… 

Go forth and plant trees, my son! (sayeth the Department). Begs the question yet again – is the CFI just an intensive industry/waste industry initiative? There have been millions spent on soil carbon research – and our need to change soil management is immediate. We have been given assurances that things are moving fast…


Carbon Farming is here to stay – both sides of politics are committed (YAY!). Coalition is promising a soil carbon methodology within the CFI – with a 25 year option, but low on details at this point. 

Don’t forget to register for upcoming webinars to make sure you are ready to take decisions! We take the pain out of the language and point the way to the future. 

Soil Carbon “Action on the Ground” 

The VCS guys are off and running. Their ‘learnings’ will help us all. Click here to view the VCS soil carbon meth in action!

ALSO from overseas – more soil carbon measurement protocols being developed. Who said nothing is happening overseas? Click here for more information!

Check out our new Resources section

Because we are educators at our core we like to share our wealth of information. We have an academic and business background and have researched widely. These resources are a great way to understand the what/where/how of Carbon Farming, the CFI, and other matters. Plus, many of them are FREE.

We’ve been working hard on the ‘methodology’ area as well, to enable ‘the common man’ to be able to participate in this 
area. Michael has written a fantastic guide which is available in the online shop – it’s a great guide to staying sane through the process!

Miscellaneous great links and stories from home and abroad! 

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