I’VE GOT ANTS IN MY PANTS! Next round of ERF due before end of year.

June 12, 2015 Louisa Kiely

So, I’m suddenly realising that the next round of the Emissions Reduction Fund is due before end of the year. The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) will give about 8 weeks notice.

BEFORE you can put a bid into the Auction YOU MUST have your project registered.

BUT – It takes time to decide which method you will use, decide on your ‘activity’ – emissions reductions or energy efficiency, use a technical person to estimate your carbon credits, fill in the paper work (that is not for the fainted hearted either) submit to the CER, and have it approved. Depending on the method this can take 3 months to organise!! Work back from a November/Dec ERF round and its imperative to get started now. Many millions of dollars at stake.

Where do you learn about this? – you know the answer! The conference is the ONLY gathering of all the experts. Ones with experience They have the knowledge you need.

I’m finalising the program now, but let me impress you with a few of my speakers.

Dr Thakur Bhattarai – Originally from Nepal is working with the Soil Carbon Methodology in CQ. He’ll bring all the learnings to the conference, including costs of measurement.

Terry McCosker – Carbon Link – on the outcome of the First Round of the ERF for Soil Carbon – where to now?

Dr Jeff Baldock, CSIRO senior soil scientist – Where is the science headed on the soil carbon side of things?

The Clean Energy Regulator is the body charged with running the ERF – They will talk about the mechanics of the ERF – HOW to enter, When, etc. Ask how they determine the price of carbon!

Andrew Gunst – CEO of ‘Carbon Intel’ – Carbon Auditor and Advisor. He will talk about the audit Trail that is needed.

Matthew Warnken CEO of Corporate Carbon will take us through the method and the Steps to a Project. Corporate Carbon were successful in several of the bids into the first round of the Auction.

THE Field Day is equally replete with excellent things – Including an exciting NEW machine I’ve found. More on Monday.

As ever, please don’t hesitate to give me a bell with any queries.
I’m on 02 6374 0329. AND Jan is on 02 6882 1425.



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