June 29, 2015 Louisa Kiely

Did you catch the media interest in climate change over last week? – It really does seem
that this Government will need to take a bigger emissions reduction target to Paris, and beyond.

This signals an on-going place for the LandSector. We certainly favour a market
mechanism to be in place after the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF).

There is resistance to this push for greater action within some in the Liberal
Party and there is a call for a Inquiry into Climate Science. This would lead to delay at the very least.

As a result, some active Farmers have come forward to push for higher targets in regards to climate
action. I have signed an open letter to the Liberal Party gathering to reject this notion. I urge you to
sign it as well.

See here 

ONLY sequestration in trees and soil take the existing carbon from the air and
store it safely – improving productivity while they do so. Emissions reductions are important, but its the
CO2 in the air from the last 80 years which is causing the damage. AND Farmers control 65% of the land mass!

But, we have treated the soil like dirt. Now is the time to give it back what it

As Michael wrote so long ago in song when he was inspired: “The Land needs
a Lover whose loving convinces it to stay”. NO soil, no future.

We believe the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) is an immediate incentive to get
started , and that more incentives will come. The prize with the ERF is a Government contract which can help
to pay for efficiencies and other things.

We have a couple of complimentary polices to help with costs as well.

1.Green Army – We’ll talk about how you could get Green Army help to plant
trees, do fencing etc.

2.Immediate write off for fencing and other infrastructure.

BTW – Michael will be giving the talk on OTHER Markets – How to sell Carbon
Credits OUTSIDE of the ERF. We have 25 years experience in DIRECT Marketing. Its how we raised $100K to
feed our sheep in the drought. He will take you through “Adopt a Farmer Fighting Greenhouse”
concept and “Carbon Credited” wool /beef or other commodity.

You know the rest – Pick up the phone 02 6374 0329 and



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