Let’s get this straight: the truth about ERF changes

The reality is in the detail

You may have seen some recent media about ERF changes, and the percentage of the land that is to be ‘allowed’ in any Carbon Farming project.

Minister Littleproud made the announcement, and Minister Taylor also announced it at the Carbon Market Institute conference last week. You can read the address here. You can also check out Littleproud’s media release.

This was all part of what the Nationals demanded in order to get a net-zero by 2050 target through.

So, what’s this ‘reality in the detail’?

Well Littleproud, and now others have been making it sound as if it’s for ALL ERF methods – Soil Carbon, plantations, etc etc. This would be a HUGE change and may even threaten the ERF itself. Why should I only be allowed to do a Soil Carbon project on one-third of the property? Or need Minister’s approval – which, as we know may take some long time to obtain?

However, this is NOT the true meaning of the announcements about ERF changes

As is made clear in the press releases. The below is quoted from Minister Taylor’s address:

“My Department will consult on a change to the ERF rules to reduce the risk of native vegetation projects having an adverse impact on our regions.

HIR and NFMR projects covering more than one-third of a farm will no longer be able to go ahead if there is evidence that they will have an adverse impact on agricultural production or the local community.

This process will work in much the same way as the existing safeguards around plantation forestry.”

What’s the important part?

That it is for the human-induced regeneration and native forest from managed regrowth methods only. NOT all methods.

From Littleproud’s office, the words are the same.

“The veto power would only apply to new or expanded native forest regeneration projects that make up more than a third of the farm and are larger than 15 hectares in area.”

NOW, there is a Final Consultation. PLEASE check it out and have your say:


Even here it confirms what I’ve noted above. It’s NOT over all ERF methods. Don’t be confused.

So, please, if you hear some misleading things being said – call up, shout up and definitely do NOT shut up. It’s too dangerous. The misleading comments will become real.

Any questions, you know where I am!




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