Let’s get to know the Regulator!

get to know the Clean Energy Regulator

Regulation is a key part of the Carbon Farming Market - to ensure the highest Standards are maintained. But, who is our Regulator and what do they do?

So, we’re going to learn all about this Carbon Credits and Biodiversity for Carbon Trading stuff at the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo, right? YES. So let’s get to know the Clean Energy Regulator.

But who will make sure that my credits are of high quality?
Who makes the rules? What do they do?

Australia is known in many different industries as having a ‘Clean/Green image’. It is an image well worth protecting. In some cases, it gives us entry to markets not otherwise available to Farmers.

Well, Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) are no different. If we want to get the highest price, if we want access to the best markets, then being compliant with the regulations is key.

So, who is our regulator and what exactly do they do?

They are called the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) and they regulate other schemes as well as the Emissions Reduction Fund (which the ACCUs fall under).

When I say ‘regulate’ I mean that different sections of the CER look after ensuring the integrity of the projects. They do this by checking many aspects of the project – from approving registration of the project to issuing of the eventual ACCUs, the CER has oversight (aka GOD?)

As we know, some of the methods seem to have many unexplained ‘rules’ and sometimes the reason for this is hidden in our overarching legislation – the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) legislation. For the very keen, here is the link to that legislation: https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2020C00281

We’ll be helping delegates to understand these methods via the workshops and the sessions at the National Carbon Farming Conference. And we have many exhibitors to answer all your questions as well.

Register here!

However, the CER also has some resources and interesting bits and pieces you could look at on their site. They will also have a booth at the conference! Get to know them up front and personally!

BUT: What information does the CER provide that may be of interest to me?

A good place to start is here: http://www.cleanenergyregulator.gov.au/ERF/Pages/default.aspx

Some of the information may be seen as very dense and potentially not very accessible – e.g. the actual methods – but there are lots of “guides”, and other fun stuff.

For instance – Want to know WHAT projects have been Registered?

Head to the Project and Contact Register:

Here you can see what projects have been registered, under which method – you can do it ‘long hand’ by looking through them all or launch the map. The map can be filtered by several categories – method, state, even postcode! Go have a look and see what is happening in your area.

What about: ‘How are these ‘methods’ developed and who decides which ones to develop?

People are often frustrated by the lack of a method for their idea on how emissions can be reduced. But there are many people with many ideas and the CER need to know that the potential method will have wide application.
You can see what is coming up here:

Want more information?

Head to forms and resources:

You can see some case studies videos here – as well as many other resources.

So, get to know your regulator – you may well be sitting at the other end of the phone, listening to their on-hold music, just like me.

(I used to joke that I was so familiar with their ‘on hold’ music that I would have it played at my funeral…😂- NUP, it’s not that good!)

Any questions, you know where I am.


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