Making sense of the carbon farming market

make sense of the carbon market

“I’ve heard this NBS conference in Brisbane has an amazing lineup to explain it all. In plain English, too!”

That’s right folks, with the evolution of the National Carbon Farming Conference to include the nature repair / biodiversity markets, this Inaugural Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo is shaping to be the best education, and inspiration, around.

Carbon farming for carbon markets is now worth over $3 billion to the economy, and having gone through its ‘teething’ issues, the stage is set for a deeper, more comprehensive, and inclusive market.

The famous Chubb Review of the ACCU system has put the broom through the non-performing areas, and in effect given the whole system the green light to develop into a bigger industry. Better governance, better proponent involvement, and a commitment to a serious outreach program, announced by the government just last week. Are you eligible to go for a grant?

We’ve been shining the spotlight on the various topics and speakers, and we’ve curated the highest quality, hottest carbon farming content to ensure that you’ll get all the information you need to assist in your decision-making.

Over the next couple of newsletters, I’ll recap our topics for each day so you can see our inspiration lineup at a glance. The latest full program is here.

Day 1 – the Soil Carbon Industry Summit

Monday 17 July

On the soil carbon day we’ll be discussing:

  • The delivery of soil carbon credits – there have been questions about ‘where are they’ when it comes to ACCUs from soil carbon – we have the latest;
  • How and why the soil remains not just the largest carbon sink under our control, but the best – not all ACCUs are created equal;
  • Cost of measurement was a HUGE barrier to uptake in the past. Well, millions have been granted to the winners of the Soil C Innovation challenge and various groups are hard at work finding solutions to lowering this cost;
  • We’ll outline the absolute basic steps required for implementing a soil carbon project. Read the Clean Energy Regulator’s version of this here – ours will be shorter and to the point!
  • Do you have to change your production goals to take part in a project? How to align your soil carbon activities with your production objectives;
  • How does carbon work under the ground? We are just beginning to understand the underground networks that drive above-ground productivity. How do they work?
  • And we’ll wrap up with a vision for the future of soil carbon. What is the importance of soil health to the future of agriculture in the new carbon economy?

Exciting, right? What a day! To see it in more detail, head to the latest program here. Four weeks to go! We’ll explore the other days at a glance soon. Equally exciting.





Three or more delegates from any one farm or organisation can attend at Earlybird rates. Get plain-English, farmer-focused carbon market knowledge delivered by experts at the inaugural

Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo

Monday 17–Wednesday 19 July 2023