Making the most of the Low Carbon Economy in Regional Australia – Lets keep it up.

December 7, 2015 Louisa Kiely

Good Afternoon! Couldn’t help putting ‘pen to paper’ as there is so much to celebrate as Regional Australia takes its rightful place in the new Carbon Economy. Gave me a happy feeling! There is probably much more – let me know how you are entering this new space. We are natural leaders in this. Lets keep it up.

So, now in the Central West of NSW alone we have:
• At least $250 Million coming to the area in Government ERF Contracts signed and sealed – 10 years of income.

• The FIRST Carbon Neutral Winery -The Rose Hill Wine Group in Orange – more investment and understanding for the region – Want to drink a carbon neutral wine? Save the Planet while you enjoy a refreshing beverage?

• We have the FIRST Carbon Neutral Bulk Haulage Company -Transforce Bulk Haulage in Dubbo has invested to lead the way. Let your next load travel Carbon Neutral. Add nothing to the air!

• Orange City Council has a Registered ERF project. They will plant around 170 hectares of Native Trees and be paid to take the carbon out of the air with them.

•Orana Regional Development Australia is also fully engaged with their Orana Carbon Project. Ask me for details.

• NOW, to make it truly local – Rose Hill and Transforce could buy (on the secondary market) their offsets from the Orange City Council. Great, eh? We can do the ‘keep it local’ campaign in carbon offsets, very soon. Why not make it the first Carbon Neutral Regional Area?

• EG: Any other Council could also go carbon neutral – and buy local Australian Carbon Credit Units. OR take part in a method and provide their own credits.

There is so much more we can do.
WE can assist your farm/your Landcare group and/or your council to assess which current and upcoming methods may suit you so you too can take advantage of this new industry!

I’m on 02 6374 0329 – or email!

Onwards, to 2016 and beyond. (sorry – does that sound like a kids movie?)


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