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I want to improve my soils for potential carbon trading, but WHO has the products or services that I can use? I want to know more about Carbon Farming (Regenerative Agriculture) and trading – but WHO can I ask?

CFA has over 14 years of experience answering exactly those questions, and the businesses on this page have been carefully selected as those who can assist in these areas. Click on the link below the business to be guided back to their website where you can pick their brains on WHY you should consider using them.


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Creating value from soil organic carbon management.

Climate Agricultural Support

Developing projects, commercial opportunities and programs to assist primary producers and natural resource managers to be more prosperous.


Design, manufacture and distribution of our superior Satusteam©* Weeder (thermal weed controller).


Build topsoil, improve soil health and function, enhance plant growth and biodiversity with the Soilkee Renovator.

SOFT AGRICULTURE (Sustainable Organic Farming Techniques)

Certified organic products that improve the health and productivity of your animals and the quality of your soil.

SMS (Soil Management Systems)

Soil and plant nutrition, soil testing services and a strategic approach to soil health.


Sheep and cattle nutrition products, that contain NO Antibiotics or Ionophores, maintain animal health and safety and utilise feed more efficiently.


NutriSoil biological solution is an organically certified, award winning, concentrated worm liquid, produced from a unique Vermiculture Recycling System.

New Edge Microbials

Leading Australian supplier of live microbial cultures to agriculture and industry.

MRA Consulting Group

Experts in waste, resource recovery and technology, climate change, carbon and sustainable development.

Jayfields Nursery

We supply plantations throughout Australia with a large variety of trees and shrubs of the highest quality forestry seedlings grown in 93cc root training containers.

Healthy Soils Australia

Network of leading innovative farmers, scientists and advocates who aim to increase the amount of land being transitioned to regenerative farming.

Grazing Naturally

Developing vibrant, grazing based ecological communites, using natural grazing patterns.

Global Soil Regeneration

SOILKEE® contracting service, to deliver this opportunity to farms and land care organisations.

Frontier Impact Group

Specialist skills and financing capability to help build and mobilise innovative solutions.

Ferti-Tech Australia

Better Soils, Crops and Profits you can Measure and See. We provide a full Agronomy service on “How to Grow It”; not How to Kill It.

EAL (Environmental Analysis Laboratory)

EAL offers comprehensive soil testing at competitive prices for home, recreational and agricultural applications.


The forefront of innovation, providing solutions for cropping, livestock production, aquaculture, horticulture and the food industry.

Carbon Link

Enabling farmers to put carbon on their bottom line and improve sustainability.

Best Environmental Technologies

Soil rejuvenation products developed with leading-edge biotechnology in our own laboratories in Goulburn, NSW.

Carbon Farmers of Australia

CFA offer Carbon Trading Training, Carbon Farming Projects and small farm Aggregation to enable farmers to join together and form larger tradable projects.