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Building topsoil with a rich carbon content can improve the productivity and profitability of your farm. And we pay you for the carbon you produce. It’s a win on all fronts – a more productive and profitable farm, producing healthier food, while acting to reverse global warming.


By registering your soil carbon project with AgriProve you gain access to the following benefits.

No upfront costs for baseline soil sampling – AgriProve enables Landholders to have their soil carbon project baselined with no upfront costs with a loan that is only paid back once carbon credits are generated. If no credits are issued AgriProve absorbs the cost of the baselining.

No administration or Audit cost for the lifetime of the project – When a soil carbon project is audited AgriProve absorb all costs associated with the audit.

Income diversification – Carbon credits are an additional income stream with the potential to earn additional revenue of approximately $100 per hectare to farmers. Work with Australia’s leading soil carbon project developer – with over 100 projects registered and the only company to have soil carbon credits issued under the Emissions Reduction Fund.