Carbon Farmers of Australia

carbon farming example of benedits
This image clearly shows the co benefits of carbon farming. The property on the right side of the river has carbon farming methods in place.

Carbon Trading Training

Carbon Farmers of Australia offer half day, one day and two day training programs in Carbon Farming and trading. We can customise the training for any particular method or group.

A taste of what we cover in training is:

  1. Carbon Fundamentals Introduction
  2. What is the ERF?
  3. Opportunities for Australian Farmers
  4. The ERF Process
  5. Revenue Streams
  6. ‘Methods’ & Projects explained
  7. Landholder responsibilities
  8. The Two Markets

Carbon Farming Projects & Small Farm Aggregation

CFA can enable smaller farmers to ‘join together’  to make a larger project. Or a larger farmer to have a number of methods active on the farm, but trade them as one parcel of Carbon.

Most Growers cannot put together an annual 2000  tonne parcel of units which is the smallest tradable amount under the current ERF. The role of CFA as ‘aggregator’ is to assemble tradable amounts by combining Carbon Credits  from several Growers. Carbon Farmers of Australia understand HOW to navigate the complex arrangements to begin an ‘aggregated’ project and offers Aggregation Services for Growers wishing to enter the widest range of markets. These services include registration, pool management, and price indications and access to the Secondary Market.