national regenerative agriculture day

To celebrate World Soil Day, a group of regenerative (renegade!) farmers, scientists, teachers, foodies, ocean warriors and earth lovers have collaborated to hijack Valentine’s day – for a worthy cause.

The awareness day aims to nurture and catalyse 360 farming events. 1,000 kitchen table conversations. Involve 500 restaurants. 140 farmers markets. 81 community gardens. 150 schools. 144 partnerships and one million Aussies. The nation coming TOGETHER and saying YES to regenerating our backyard. Getting the farmer, their families and their communities out of the drought better than when they went in.

“A movement to heal the heart of our foodchain”

National Regenerative Agriculture Day #NRAD is a united movement to raise awareness about Regenerative Agriculture and the benefits to helping heal the land and our communities. This day is a powerful stand between our farmers, our educators, our gardeners, our foodies, our students and the people of our nation as we restore balance back to our soils, environments and food chains. This is a movement of people who are standing true for the future of Australia and our Earth. #heartyourfarmer

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Helen McCosker

About Us:

What Would Love Do Now was founded in 2017 by a farmer, an artist and an accountant. The Charity behind the National Regenerative Agriculture Day has one primary objective. To restore balance to Australia’s food-chain, waterways, soils and communities. Based in rural Wallangra NSW and committed to getting the Farmer, their Families and their Communities out of the drought better than when they went in. The charity is registered with the ACNC and has partnered with Regenerate Earth, Charlie Arnott and AgTalent to bring the first National Regenerative Agriculture day 2019.