Ferti-Tech Australia


carbon systems agronomy

Ferti-Tech is the CSA (Carbon Systems Agronomy) company.

The company where you will find Better Soils, Crops and Profits you can Measure and See.

We provide a full Agronomy service on “How to Grow It”; not How to Kill It. So we fix soils and we maximise fertility and we make a farmers life far happier by keeping them profitable and ensuring that “Because I Farm My Soil is Better” and not the Opposite – that because they farm it is worse. CSA is driven by the maxim Principles First; then Programs; then Product. So we always fully understand the farms’ Soil Chemistry, Plant Physiology and Farmers Capacities before setting a CSA Program or even considering product.

We have sayings or ‘Laws’ for CSA that remind us exactly where we need to be when practicing CSA.

  1. You can Only Control Nature by Obeying It.
  2. Always Grow Your Soil First and All that Matters To You Will Grow with It.
  3. Farms cannot be Fixed by any Ideas, Attitudes or Practices that Remain Fixed.
  4. Water can Hide Many Sins for Many Years but it Never Fails to Reveal Them.
  5. Master the CSA to Make your Profits because Those Profits Will Solve Everything.