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We specialise in soil and plant nutrition and operate Australia-wide. Our emphasis is on BALANCED nutrition and treating soils as a LIVING environment. We offer independent soil testing services and a strategic approach to soil health.

The first and most important thing when considering inputs into cropping and pastures, is to have an Independent Comprehensive Soil Test. This test will give you the correct data you require and a complete picture of where your soil is at.
We emphasize the term comprehensive because we want a full picture of your soil. Most soil tests that we see are less than adequate missing key measurements. This then results in a compromised report and recommendations. The first thing we look at in the soil report is the balance of chemical makeup of the soil. The deficiencies and accesses will be shown and a recommendation of inputs are designed to balancing the soil. This process my take a few or several years, depending on the soil. Once the chemistry of the soil is balanced then the physical structure of the soil will be ideal, in turn leading to enhanced biological activity. So the goal we are trying to achieve is a healthy active living soil working for us.


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