SOFT AGRICULTURE (Sustainable Organic Farming Techniques)


SOFT Agriculture Pty Ltd promotes Sustainable Organic Farming Techniques by offering a range of certified organic products that improve the health and productivity of your animal and the quality of your soil.

Our vision is to offer farmers access to “carbon smart” innovations that deliver superior animal and soil health productivity.

We produce:

  • SOFT Fertilisers and Composts
  • Stockfeed for your livestock including Green Chicken, Green Cow, Green Pig and Green Sheep
  • Feed Additives that are BioChar activated

SOFT Agriculture is affiliated with primary production company Mara Seeds Pty Ltd whose core business is organic beef production, grass seed, oilseed and cereal grain production.

All products produced by Soft Agriculture and Mara Seeds are organic, affordable and suitable for anyone looking to better care for their land and animals. The Feed Additive and ‘Green’ range are all BioChar activated.

The SOFT Fertiliser range is produced from naturally mined products combined with Mara Seeds organic products to offer a more sustainable and affordable option to chemically produced fertilisers.