YLAD Living Soils




YLAD Living Soils over the past 17 years has gained the reputation as leaders in agronomic advice for farmers transitioning from conventional to regenerative farming.   Recognised and valued across Australia as  suppliers  of  innovative biological fertiliser products, Humus Compost, Composting Equipment and expert training and consulting services to improve soil, crop, animal and human health.

YLAD Living Soils have successfully recognised and promoted the power of Humus (organic carbon) for building soil carbon levels, essential for sequestering atmospheric carbon.  Humus is a material full of active carbon that dramatically improves the physical, chemical & microbiological aspects of the soil, improving plant production.

By taking a Comprehensive Soil Test performed by the EAL Lab, farmers will gain a greater understanding of the three nutrient pools and how nutrients are cycling in their soil.

YLAD Living Soils provide free personal interpretation of the soil test results, including recommendations and an obligation free quote.

Call: 1300 811 681 – for your total solution to increasing soil carbon level for healthier soils, plants and animals.