More innovation around ‘soil business’ The journey continues

As the interest in the soil,  its function in climate change mitigation and the role soil carbon can play in mitigation rises,  more innovation  comes forward. 

In this article, we have a couple of great things happening:

1. Farmers in the Tweed Valley have started the journey to understand soil carbon and how to improve it.  AND

2. It has fostered MORE innovation.  “The trials, along with a general increased interest among Tweed Valley
farmers in improving soil health and using liquid microbiological
products, has prompted contractor Rory Crickmore to set up a
purpose-built spray rig”. This is how industries are born.

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AND   Good results in another  program looking at ways to reduce emissions, this time on Methane – These results give clues for crediting methane reduction in cattle – under the CFI

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These programs will be active for the next couple of years, adding to the knowledge that we have,  and by that time we should have a good number of methodologies available to farmers to improve productivity, lower emissions AND earn a dollar to do it.