Having just had a large issuance of Soil Carbon Credits reported, another tranche has been issued!

(AND we’ll have the project landholder at the Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo!)

Soil takes its own time. We know that.

Arguably there has been large scale neglect of what soil needs in a biological sense. We’ve ‘balanced’ the soils using NPK and other chemical nutrients, but neglected biological soil health drivers, like microbes and fungi.

Another critical KPI for soil health has been neglected. It is widely known that our soils are depleted (in general) of carbon over a long period, and that by restoring and building on the previous levels we can improve water-holding capacity and soil structure.

Both of these are essential for continued resilience in the face of a changing climate. And also essential for food security and soil security into the future.

When you give carbon a value in an agricultural enterprise, all that neglect can change.

As reported here:

AUSTRALIA’S largest carbon soil carbon developer, AgriProve, has become the latest to receive Australian Carbon Credit Units, with 3,559 ACCUs issued to a project in Central Queensland.

This is a great story as this one also has some great added co-benefits.

Landholder Karen Scanlan said the soil carbon project was an important diversification from her grazing operation.

“My husband and I bought this land six years ago, and it’s always been important to balance environmental interests with the profitability of our cattle farming operations,” Ms Scanlan said.

“We’re now building a separate arm of our business through this soil carbon project that’s so valuable to us because it’s building financial and climate resilience.”

And the good news is Karen is coming to talk about the project at the conference!

The owner of the ACCU can then make the claim of a tonne of CO2e saved or stored.

Yes, we have the privilege of having this landholder at the Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo. This is breaking news and isn’t even in the program. But trust me, she’ll be there!

But you won’t be able to ask her any questions unless you’re there too. Karen will be speaking on Monday at the Soil Carbon Summit.

Registrations are still open – but time is running short. Get in quick!

All is in readiness, can’t wait for next week!





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