UPDATE: The National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo will be held in 5 – 8 AUGUST 2019, ALBURY NSW

Because IT’S TIME.

For too long the role of Farmers in lowering emissions and storing carbon has gone unsung. Beset with difficulties, roadblocks and over-complications. Yet, the market for soil carbon, tree carbon and reduction in methane and CO2 on farm has opened. It’s HERE. This is why ITS TIME. Time for CFA to announce that the 9th National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo will be held on 5-8 August 2019 in Albury. I am more excited about bringing this conference to you than any other conference I have held (all 8 of them).

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This Market beckons – where you can sell the resource, which is CO2, while keeping the improved productivity on farm. More shade and shelter for stock, improved soils and higher herd productivity. Not to mention increased resilience in the face of a warming, drying trend. Who would have thought?


Why not assist in the development of this market?
Why not seek new markets in a low carbon economy for the farm sector?
How else is the world going to feed and clothe more than 7 billion people?
If not us, then who as the old saying goes.

National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo - 5 - 8 AUGUST 2019, Albury NSW

Time for CFA to scour the world for ways farmers can be paid to assume the role only they can take towards the low carbon economy.

Time to inform you.
Time for you to ask questions.
Time to explore.
Time to invent, and
Time to communicate – to Government, to the voters.

This is what CFA will be doing over the next 12 months, culminating in the 2019 National Carbon Farming conference & Expo.

This is where we will showcase everything we learn in the next 12 months.

Join me, ask questions and DEMAND what it is we need to take this position.

Over the next 12 months I will be writing regular newsletters, I’ll be seeking opinions and I want to know how you think this low carbon economy can serve farmers and future simultaneously.

Then we will come together August 2019 to celebrate what we found.

Sponsorship opportunities are open now, exhibitor manual will be available soon!

Don’t miss out – Register now.

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