Announcing two new exciting events!

Announcing not just one exciting event, but two!!

Evolution, that’s the word for the day/the week/the year.

New government, new opportunities – climate change waiting for no man. We need evolution in solutions, and quick!

Head to Google and you’ll find several definitions, but I’m using this one: (from

A process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage (especially a more advanced or mature stage)”

and: “usually refers to a process that produces a better or more complex form”.

PERFECT. Just what we want to do. More maturity in the markets, and more diversity in the methods/solutions. Nature is the master of diversity. Let’s do it.

So, CFA (now a Radicle Group company) has mounted ten highly successful Carbon Farming Conferences, the last being the highly successful May 2022 event.

But, as climate change marches forward, it’s obvious that we need ALL solutions. Other nature-based solutions are being identified:

  • ‘Blue Carbon’ – or the ability for seaweeds/mangroves and other non-land-based solutions to be recognised and developed. Includes potential to improve water quality and runoff into reefs etc
  • ‘Tree Carbon’ is also expanding and evolving – Plantings, Forestry, and Regrowth are all undergoing an evolution in methods. The timber industry looking for its future supply.
  • Agriculture. Never forget that Farmers control over 50% of the land mass. AND that soil remains the largest carbon sink over which we have control. New, integrated methods coming.
  • AND of course, Biodiversity. The new buzzword. It’s a great connector. But HOW is it going to be integrated into the Carbon Markets? What standards?

To capture all these opportunities both existing and emerging, the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo is Evolving too.

(just like the pollies do) … the inaugral NATURE-BASED SOLUTIONS Conference & Expo!


The NATURE-BASED SOLUTIONS Conference & Expo will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre in July 2023, and it will explore the best of what the domestic and international methods have to offer Australia (and the Indo-Pacific). Download more information here.

I’m happy to take enquiries from here on in – and we’ll be keeping you in the loop with our developments as they come.


Secondly… I’m here with another


Michael Kiely ANNOUNCES HIS FIRST (and maybe only) ART EXHIBITION:
My kids could do that

Michael Kiely, a well-known ‘climate warrior’ for many years has been slowed down due to Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

Some of you may remember my husband – always the one with the joke in the meetings. And not afraid to push the envelope. Pointing out, in a humorous way, the shortcomings of those who doubted the ability of Farmers to sequester carbon on land.

He wrote all our early submissions to Government, (and they were numerous) and wrote the first Carbon Farming Handbook (still available in soft copy). He held qualifications in communications and had the instincts of an investigative journalist. Nowadays he’d shine on 4 Corners!!

Since contracting Parkinson’s and a double dose of cancer, he has turned to painting, and the creativity is still there. He’s already sold 2 paintings.

The exhibition is being organised by our eldest daughter Jessica Kiely, a creative in her own right.

We’ll be gathering for a glittering event in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sunday 30 October 2022. Tickets are only $20 and it’s going to be great. If you remember Michael’s influence, or just want to see how a warrior keeps on going, please do come.