Nature-based solutions – more than just carbon farming

Repairing nature, fighting the biodiversity crisis, and earning an income for doing it

We are only just scratching the surface of what the land sector can do in the new biodiversity markets.

On day three of the Inaugural Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo we talk about the many opportunities opening up such as the Nature Repair Market, and ecological outcomes, along with enteric methane reduction, feed additives, on-farm renewables, and more.

Day 3 – Wednesday 19 July

On the final day, we’ll be discussing:

  • Enteric methane – problem or opportunity? We’ll look at new opportunities for cattle managers and dairy farmers to generate carbon credits from reducing livestock emissions, predicting methane emissions in the paddock, lower emissions cattle herds, and research results on promising feed additives;
  • The Nature Repair Market Bill – how may it work in practice? We’ll hear from both Climate Friendly and the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water;
  • Ecological Outcome Verification – how to repair the small water cycle, how to repair the local mineral cycle, and how to rebuild biodiversity -even within a production system – and how can you know if you are getting this right?
  • The Accounting for Nature® Framework – How might this work within the new nature repair/ biodiversity markets?
  • Methodology updates – environmental planting, plantation timber, the Integrated Farm Method, and the future of Biochar;
  • Market compliance requirements – a legal perspective on contracting, carbon farming and accounting; and,
  • Renewables on farm – how we can help farmers significantly reduce their costs and emissions, and build resilience.

Spotlight on our sponsor

We’re glad to have Climate Friendly on board as one of our Platinum sponsors. Jay Hender, Executive Manager, Business Development will speak about the Nature Repair Market Bill at the conference, and below is a short introduction to Climate Friendly.


Climate-Friendly-LogoAs Australia’s most trusted carbon farming service provider we are repairing nature and building biodiversity across 10 million hectares of our continent in partnership with 150 land managers. Our purpose is to support a productive, sustainable land sector that contributes to a net zero emissions and nature positive Australia by 2050.

So far, our projects have drawn down more than 20 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. That’s equivalent to having established a mature eucalyptus forest of 13-million trees. We’re confident that by scaling up carbon farming, our land sector will play a key role in helping Australia meet its long-term goals.

Along the way we’d love to protect our endangered national living treasure, the koala. That’s why we’re committed to a joint project with WWF, focused on re-establishing lost koala habitat, critical to their survival.

Whether you’re a farmer, a forester or a Traditional Owner, we can help you take advantage of strategic new opportunities to repair nature and store carbon, helping to solve our biodiversity crisis and fight climate change. We are a science focused technology innovator, offering a full suite of expertise to support practical, science-based land management changes. Our best practice approach to nature monitoring combines high-precision Lidar, satellite imagery and ecological field sampling to ensure the highest integrity.

Climate Friendly is ready to help, with expert services across the widest range of carbon project types of any carbon farming business in Australia. By partnering with us, you’ll be sure to tap into all the opportunities carbon farming and nature repair has to offer.


I can’t wait to learn more about biodiversity and nature repair opportunities. All three days of the conference promise to be a full and valuable education on nature-based solutions to climate – and farming – problems. 24 days to go, register now!





Three or more delegates from any one farm or organisation can attend at Earlybird rates. Get plain-English, farmer-focused carbon market knowledge delivered by experts at the inaugural

Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo

Monday 17–Wednesday 19 July 2023