NBS2023 … It’s a wrap!

“The best ever CFA conference”
“I learned so much”
“Really well organised with great content and speakers”

Yes, we were blessed to amass some wonderful experts and put together content never before seen at the inaugural Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo. All designed to educate and challenge. And none too soon.

While there is still discussion around when/how to use credits, there is simply no doubt that the agriculture sector is the ONLY one ready and willing to scale up the drawdown of atmospheric CO2e. AND we have robust, well-thought-of methods, backed by rigorous government compliance rules.

Yes, we need other, non-agricultural methods to mitigate climate change as it’s a mammoth task. But to build huge towers to capture CO2e and send it underground is not only vastly more expensive – it’s nowhere near scale at the moment. Farmers and landholders now have a growing list of things that can be done to improve carbon capture and storage on land. We showcased many of these at the Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo, along with the all-important data.

Interestingly, while we held our ‘practical, hands-on, farmer focussed’ NBS conference, the CMI was hosting the ‘high level, find the finance’ conference in Singapore. This will be of great benefit also.

At this conference, former Australian climate diplomat, Patrick Suckling, a senior partner with Pollination, told the forum there is widespread recognition of how market mechanisms can protect and restore nature.

He said there is an “extraordinary focus” on developing nature-based solutions that are capable of tackling the climate and biodiversity crises.

We know WHY:
Unless we use the nature-given process of photosynthetic magic to drawdown carbon and return it to the soil and vegetation, how else will we simultaneously improve productivity, resilience to climate change AND feed the world?

AND we know HOW!

At CFA Nature Based Solutions conference we showed, at a farmer / landholder / stakeholder level, what can be done NOW, under the Australian Government system, also under upcoming international methods and also upcoming new Australian methods.

We had them all. There was a large amount of information, and our attendees can review the recorded live stream to revisit any parts they found most valuable or insightful.

But guess what – even if you missed the conference – for just the price of the virtual attendance ($440) – YOU TOO can now experience the transformational information!

You can see the final program here. If you want access to any particular Slide decks, you can seek out the speaker and ask them for yourself. However, generally speaking, this is commercial IP.

There is still much to do. And you know we are here to help. Please reach out if you need assistance to mount your carbon project – CFA are full-service carbon project partners.


And I’d like to take this opportunity to send a HUGE THANKS to every one of our conference sponsors below – we certainly couldn’t do it without you.

Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo 2023 sponsors




Missed the conference?
For the price of the virtual attendance ($440)
YOU TOO can experience the transformational information!

Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo