New markets – it’s about choice! And the claim.

You choose the breed of animal you run, for which market, right?

AND make the claim – ‘grass fed’ or ‘fine wool’ etc. Why not learn to choose how you interact with the new carbon farming economy?

The carbon farming and biodiversity markets are just that – new markets. Nothing more. They trade in new products – CO2e, methane, biodiversity, etc.

AND the beauty of it is that you can participate in this market AND keep the product on farm. E.g., Let’s look at methane reduction – you are rewarded for reductions in methane, you improve productivity and you still have the product (beef) to sell.

As with any new market, there are new players all the time. And there are likely to be different price points for different credits. HOW do you know which ones to become involved with?

There is a Golden Rule: It’s about the CLAIM you can make, AND the approved STANDARD sitting behind the credit.

E.g., The Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) is highly regarded both by buyers here in Australia and also by the international community. This is because it:

  • is backed by the government;
  • has recognised and highly regulated governance;
  • is constantly being re-investigated and refined.

While an ACCU is not easily achieved, once you have one it is highly saleable due to the above. And the buyer can confidently say they have reduced one tonne of CO2e from their footprint. Therefore, a higher price.

The owner of the ACCU can then make the claim of a tonne of CO2e saved or stored.

However, as the market matures, there will be new products – such as biodiversity. In the case of a ‘biodiversity credit’, the CLAIM will be different.

The owner won’t make a claim about CO2e, but an improvement in species diversity, for instance. The price may well be set according to the value that the buyer finds in that claim to their business.

We’ll have a great example of a particular type of claim at the conference:

Lachie Graham from the Argyle Foods Group (AFG) will be talking about their experiences with the ACCU system, but also how they are helping others to join in this journey.


“Argyle group is working towards the goal of marketing its branded beef as carbon reduced, without the need to purchase offsets” (Feedback magazine July 2023 pg. 40)

I.e., They are NOT going for carbon neutral where you can make a claim that you have been measured and verified to have reduced your emissions and offset the remainder, they are ONLY making the claim that they are reducing emissions.

Worth $$? Maybe, and maybe not, but at least not a cost. Meanwhile they can market their ACCUs to outside customers, not having to ‘inset’ them to pay for going carbon neutral.

VERY Interesting.

I will also be talking about the differences between going carbon neutral and acting to reduce emissions but not making carbon neutral claims.

But, you must come to the conference to find out!!

Last days to register! All is in readiness for another amazing event. Can’t wait to meet you there,





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