New PM, New method, New auction -YAY, we keep our minister!

September 24, 2015 Louisa Kiely

YAY, we kept our minister! Wow, now there was a week! Some danger, but wins for Land Sector as well:

• Go to bed with one PM, wake up with another!
FACT: Did you know- Malcolm Turnbull lost his leadership the first time because he was supporting the first Aust. Climate change policy? We now have reason for great hope. Here is a piece I recorded for the ABC earlier last week on the topic while in QLD click here to listen

• BIG win to keep our minister, who is a fan of the Land Sector and ‘gets it’ about our role. Turnbull is also a Land Manager. We must continue to lobby hard for improvements in our carbon farming methods. We have stiff competition from NON land sector. Qantas, Woolworths, State Departments now all bidding! Don’ t let them get all the money!!

Meanwhile, ‘back at the ranch’, the registrations deadline for the next ERF auction are now past – But that’s OK – there will potentially be another one in March/April of next year, and then after that, maybe a trading situation?

• In this regard we have assisted a transport company, a regional council and a QLD farmer beset by drought to have potential to be part of the solution under a potential ERF bid, or direct Marketing. But a project can be registered any time. Ask me how! It’s a low risk entry strategy.

However, its now obvious we need to assist smaller players. Carbon Trading favours the ‘big parcels’ of land or carbon. Now we have competition from the NON land sector its even more important to ensure Carbon Trading has a benefit for a wide range of land based people.
We’ve been encouraging others to form ‘aggregations’, but due to some constant requests (as Malcolm put it) we are investigating our own ‘aggregation’ model. This would enable us to ‘band together’ like minded farms, with similar methods into a single bid – OR to have a Marketing model to offer to others.

Finally, there is A new beef herd management method available, which has potential to ‘smooth’ cash flow for beef producers doing a soil carbon or other sequestration method. It will reward those who can reduce the ‘carbon intensity’ of their beef herd – ie methane per kg beef produced .
So, for example, if you are improving soil carbon, producing more biomass above and below ground, AND your beef herd is finishing earlier as a result, you can earn a carbon credit for the reduction in methane.

Let me know if you’d like to be part of an ‘aggregation’ with Carbon Farmers of Australia, and I’ll be getting more information out as things shape up.

As usual, you know where to contact me on 02 6374 0329!



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