Now they’re talking sense!

According to the article in The Land, Labor intends to put agriculture in all its major policy areas

Well, I’d call this ‘intention’ welcome news. At least a conversation starter.

How long have we (agriculture in general) waited for someone to understand that ag is at the centre of society itself. If agriculture fails, society fails. Simple.

Also, we might add – if soils fail, we fail – just to underline its importance!

Agriculture may be said to have suffered with the ‘silo’ approach. Why is agriculture not at the table when mental health is discussed? Is the agriculture department sitting at other discussions? Including the likes of food security, for instance.

Now the Minister says, “What people will see over the course of this year is agriculture find its way into some of the core agendas for the government as a whole.” If you have a digital subscription to The Landread the full article here.

Clipping from "The Land" newspaper

Of course, this is just a news item at the moment. However, CFA has invited Minister Watt to speak at the conference. What a great opportunity for him to further outline what this new, more holistic approach might mean.

In what ways could the rank-and-file help to direct this initiative? The grassroots if you like…

If YOU were the agriculture minister, how would you integrate all aspects of Government into the agenda such as:

  • Food and food security
  • National soil strategy, soil health AND all the amazing groups around – Soils for Life, Mulloon Institute, and Holistic Management to name a few
  • Health and mental health – linked to time outdoors and doing something with our hands. The concept of regenerative medicine
  • Amelioration of poverty through agriculture for our nearest neighbours in the Pacific and the opportunities this might open for our farmers, as teachers

The agriculture department has already held an initial meeting with several groups under the umbrella of ‘An Integrated Approach to Agriculture and Climate Change’ where several groups put forward ideas, including CFA.

However, this announcement appears to be looking at a more holistic approach, which is welcome.

So, watch this space… and don’t forget registrations are open for the Inaugural Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo – incorporating a full day on Soil Carbon!

As someone else once said “a farmer has to be an optimist, or she wouldn’t still be a farmer!” Wise words indeed.

So, we’ll gather many optimists, innovators and genuine ‘true believers’ at the conference. What a vibe there will be.

Last year’s presentations

This week you can listen to Lorraine Gordon’s inspirational talk from last year.

Southern Cross University and Lorraine will be at the conference to update us all on the innovations happening at the conference as well as life.





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