OFF AND RUNNING: Democracy sausage here we come!

Democracy sausage here we come

And so it was… At last, the election has been called for 21 May

I was SOOO hoping it would be 12 May – imagining that it would all be done and dusted and we’d have the new (or old) Minister wanting to get their good news message out. Nevermind, democracy sausage here we come!

So, what does this mean for the tenth National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo – commencing 23 May?

EXACTLY NOTHING. It’s full steam ahead.

Q: What’s the really great thing about Carbon Farming for Carbon Trade now?

A: We are more than a $2.5 Billion industry! This means that governments don’t want to upset the apple cart – both sides of politics want this to grow and evolve. Yippee!

Allow me to reminisce (history is such fun):

Interestingly, ever since Carbon Farming started in the Julia Gillard era, when we first had the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) legislation, the first methods, and first projects, Carbon Farming has ALWAYS had bi-partisan support.

First, Julia Gillard gave us the CFI. In this era, there was a $26 price on carbon, and polluters had to pay.

Then Tony Abbott, who had characterised the price on carbon as a tax, had to pivot to a different position. He still needed to have Carbon Farming – for Carbon Trade. There was no denying the good it had done, or the opportunity it presented.

It was his government that gave us ‘Direct Action’ as the umbrella policy. The CFI then sat as the enabling legislation. AND the $2.5 Billion ‘Emissions Reduction Fund’ was born.

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) was given the task of finding the ‘lowest cost abatement’ and the Reverse Auction was born. The government became the major buyer.

Amazing when you think that this ‘government fund’ came out of a Liberal/National Government – who are the quintessential private industry captains. At least it gave them a way to meet their emission reduction targets.

Fast forward to today – We are over the $2.5 Billion spend and suddenly the CER does a backflip. The fixed contracts of the 2016-2021 era are to be abandoned.

So, now:
No more Fixed Government contracts. If you want to contract to the Government, you may, under an Optional delivery contract i.e. If you can get a better price when it’s time to sell your credits, you don’t have to deliver to the Government.
‘Normal’ rules of supply and demand will begin to rule.

End of history lesson:

In amongst all of these politics, the Carbon Farming industry has moved forward. We have learned lessons and have the bumps and scrapes of any new industry. YET, we are forging ahead:

  • Methods are getting better, easier
  • New players are joining the fray… New Project partners, new business models
  • New products and processes are emerging – from pasture cropping to the cropping of microbes.

And we’ll be exploring ALL of these things in the brave new world of Carbon Farming at the tenth National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo – 23-36 May.

Over 30 speakers, and over 30 exhibitors, all waiting to expand your knowledge in this space and help you to decide if Carbon Farming is for you.

Any questions, you know where I am! 🙂

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