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October 15, 2013 Louisa Kiely

Well, at last, we now have not just a new Government, but a new Opposition Leader as well. So we know the shape of the landscape in the Carbon Farming Space. Its up to us, as a community, to ensure this new era is good for farmers, the landscape and the Planet!

The Government took to the election the maintenance/expansion of the Carbon Farming Initiative – with soil carbon remaining as an important element to reaching the 5% emissions reduction Target by 2020. It was the ONLY bi-partisan policy – WOW, that puts us in a great position. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel, we can continue to move towards farmers doing the work of sequestering carbon back into the landscape – where it is HELPFUL, not Harmful, AND being paid for this important eco system service!

Furthermore, there is the promise to remove or moderate some of the main barriers – For instance, develop a 25 year Soil Carbon Credit, overcoming the ‘100 year’ barrier.

Our work is critical in the next 25 years – it can ‘buy time’ for other technologies

There are many fascinating issues to be explored, and perhaps integrated into the new Direct Action policy –

  • What about the soil carbon deeper than 30cm? Why can’t it be counted? 


For Farmers, the Land sector will now be competing with other sectors however, and the Government funding is designed to only pay for the lowest cost Carbon Credits – So Farmers will be looking to deploy other markets as well – The Voluntary Market – We will cover the 4 potential markets at the conference.

  • What is happening with the Soil Carbon methodology, and measurement protocol? 
  • What is the latest on the research into methane/nitrous oxide. 
  • What happens if we get a 25 year Carbon Unit – not 100years – Is the Credit Valuable? 

These questions, and much more will be explored at the conference this year. Come and be the first to understand this new era! www.carbonfarmingconference.com.au

I’ll be in touch again soon – Exciting speakers coming on board each day!

I remain, your humble carbon servant,

Louisa Kiely

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