PODCAST: Secrets of the Soil 🌱

An image of Louisa Kiely with the text: "Secrets of the Soil"

In an episode of ‘Regen Ray’ Milidoni’s podcast, Secrets of the Soils…

I explain how Carbon Farmers of Australia has been digging into the soil carbon topic since 2005.

Back when we were fine wool growers in the Mudgee district, we were chosen by CMA [now LLS] as one of 11 families of innovative farmers to learn about the carbon cycle and farming. We discovered that every single day, with every single solar panel [called a leaf] farmers are taking CO2 out of the air.

We also learned that Farmers control over 58% of the landmass. With the knowledge that as you increase carbon in the soils, pastures, and trees, the soil structure and water holding capacity improves, we realised that Farmers can go into drought later, come out of drought sooner, and we saw the benefits of longer rest periods and shorter graze periods.

We wanted to share this knowledge with all Farmers – and lobbied to have Farmers fairly paid for their actions.

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