Question: Who Said “Soil is Your Future” around 1954? Answer: The Rotary Club of Toowoomba!

That’s right. Back 58 years ago, it was felt a civic duty to assist farmers to understand how to protect our soils. Soil erosion from overstocking and poor management was already a problem, and it was considered a serious threat. This is amazing.

When did the wisdom disappear?

We ‘got religion’ 7 years ago we were introduced to the win/win of terrestrial sequestration of carbon; take it out of the air, store it in trees and soils, where it does good – and we have ‘polluters’ who need to pay to get it out of the air. All equals perfect solution!

For these reasons, and because we also believe that the soils represented our greatest asset, we have believed in the market solution to carbon sequestration.

For these reasons, and because we also believe that the soils represented our greatest asset, we’ve believed in the market solution to carbon sequestration.

Now, I know there are pros and cons to a ‘market based’ solution – doesn’t it mean that ‘crooks’ will be involved, and ‘they’ll make a killing’ (I can never seem to find those people, but it’s always assumed that someone is making some sort of easy millions)
OR is a market the best way to get something done the most efficiently? Clearly the Government believes so.

Well, call me old fashioned, but I’d rather be part of a well-regulated industry which is respected, protects our lands and resilience, and gains Government support because its worth millions to the economy, than have a ‘hand out’ mentality, waiting for the next round of Government funding to keep it alive. AND I’m pretty sure most farmers prefer it as well.

So, this market ain’t perfect – let’s fix it! So it’s got new language – let’s learn it and turn it into something we can understand. We’ve never believed that we (the collective ‘we’) can’t influence this new solution – and I don’t think even the Government believes it has all the answers.  By the way, we are on the right side of the political cycle as well – Pollies tend to be more pliable as an election looms!

So, let the dialogue begin! That’s why we’ll explore the issues – especially the 100 year rule.
  • What happens if we have a 25 year credit, for instance? What are the trade-offs?
  • What is each side of politics offering the farmers?
  • Did you know you can bank your credits? Save them up for a rainy day, trade when the price is right. If you had a 25 year program of increasing terrestrial carbon – with payments each 3-5 years – could that be part of your succession plan?
  • What if you were also being paid to improve your fertiliser efficiency, or decrease methane?   There is no reason why not, moving forward.
  • Can compliance be simple?
  • We’ll outline the diversity of answers – including pyrolysis!
  • Live trade: We’ll show you how a trade in a carbon credit takes place, as an Aussie buys Aussie carbon credits

Fancy a free load of compost?

Well, one lucky farmer will walk away with the load – because not only will the Carbon Neutral Truck be parked out the front, it will be loaded up with top quality compost, courtesy of SITA Organics, and there will be a competition to win it!

We have so much breaking news, you’ll have to visit the site to see it all! Many other great surprises and prizes. Two weeks to go – get registered now!