Resortation of Mangroves, Seagrass meadows and Tidal Wetlands Join the Fray!

November 25, 2015 Louisa Kiely

Good Morning!

For those of us who believe that only natural photosynthetic activity can keep the world to the now agreed 2 degree increase in temperature, and believe in the world’s soils to do this, I’m really excited about this new method this morning.

Although I’m in the Land Sector, dealing mainly with assisting farmers to drought proof their properties while earning a carbon income, I grew up by the sea, and you don’t need to drive too far to realise we are loosing our coast lines too.

Mangroves, tidal wetlands, sea grass meadows etc share the Farming Sector’s ability to sequester carbon and take it out of the air. Its called ‘blue carbon’. Guess what else? They will be able to claim increases in Soil Carbon!! and even plant trees. This will push this forward as well.

Now, I’m not across all the details, but here is the link

No, this is NOT an ERF method. However, I’d be willing to help anyone interested to take this to the Department of the Environment to put it up for approval – never -the -less you can still implement it and claim VCU’s (Verified Carbon Units) for sale in secondary markets and Global Voluntary markets.

So, please pass on the information to any of your ‘coastal’ groups- Landcares or coastal farmers too.

Go the Land and Sea Sector and carbon abatement!

As usual, you know where to contact me on 02 6374 0329!



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