So, what is Radicle Balance?

So, what is Radicle Balance?

Radicle Balance is both a concept and a company that seeks to balance People, Profit, and Planet.

The concept is that doing the most we possibly can to mitigate climate change is not mutually exclusive to making a profit AND looking after our mental and physical health. That is,

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”
– Aristotle*

This concept is also embraced by Holistic Resource Management and other ‘holistic’ grazing methods. Therefore, highly relevant to Carbon Farming’. We trained in HM when we first bought property, and its principles of ‘holism’ have influenced us ever since.

For graziers, ‘time-controlled grazing’, whereby a farmer will always leave ground cover when they leave a paddock has come to be mainstream for its improvement in productivity and is also one of the main ways a farmer seeks to improve carbon in a grazing enterprise. We explore these concepts in our first workshop – Carbon Farming 101. But more of that soon…

QUESTION: Why did CFA join Radicle Balance?

ANSWER: CFA has always prided ourselves on:

  1. Understanding farming – farming fine wool for 20 years as ‘tree changers’ taught us to respect what Farmers do. Holistic Management showed us what could be done to restore soils and whole farms AND reduce the carbon load in the air.
  2. Coming from the Farmer’s perspective – our motto, right from the start was to see carbon traded and Farmers paid fairly for what they grow. We continue this mission today.
  3. ALWAYS having an eye to the future – what’s coming around the bend for Farmers, both opportunity and risk in this new Carbon Farming space. This is why we are holding our tenth National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo.

Therefore, in order to do this both for Australian Farmers and Farmers the world over, we asked ourselves:

a. Are the Australian methods the ONLY ones which could assist us to achieve the above goals?

b. What about overseas? Are International methods a potential answer to some of the issues around ERF** methods? AND to grow the overall market for Australian Farmers?

What does Radicle Balance bring to the table?

So, I’m delighted to announce that Alastair Handley, founder, and Board Member has secured his visa to come over and speak about Radicle at the Carbon Farming Conference. He will outline his vision for taking Australian carbon farming to the next level.

You will find him at the CFA/Radicle trade display, and wandering around as well. Please ask him plenty of questions. He loves talking to Aussie Farmers – and wants to learn much more too.



*  Actually an Aristotle misquote according to:

** ERF = Emissions Reduction Fund. Need to know more about the lingo? Come to Carbon Farming 101.



Want to improve your land and earn carbon credits?

Find out how to do that and much more at

the tenth National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo