Something has changed in the world of climate change!

 Was is ever likely that Governments could truly lead on climate change –  Truly give us the requirements rooted in the real world to act in time, and in a way which would benefit the most?  

The article header reads  “Corporate world forced to lead on climate change”  –  Well,  what might that mean?

• There is now an urgent economic driver for change-  Costs of the ‘climate variability’  are hitting Governments hard,  but their reactions are too slow.   The changes are happening NOW,  while we figure out how to use the largest carbon sink under our control (the soils).  The Carbon Farming Initiative may be well meaning, but is mired in a belief that the ‘science’  is too hard.   We have no time to sacrifice the very good for the perfect!!

•So, now its a ‘key strategic risk’  for companies.   Yay!  Given the strength of hitting the ‘hip pockets’ of business, perhaps we had to wait for this time.  Companies know the air must be cleaned up, they know they can’t do business in an atmosphere where we are constantly hit by disasters. click here

•Sir Richard Branson recognised this  a few years ago and has an initiative called the ‘Carbon War Room’ click here They have a mission to “harness the power of Entrepreneurs to unlock market driven solutions to climate change’. 

Can the profit motive save the world?