Spotlight on 🔦 the magic of Soil Carbon!

the magic of soil carbon

Q: What is the ONLY product you can sell AND keep the benefits on Farm?

The magic of soil carbon includes benefits such as improved soil structure, better water holding capacity, shade and shelter, and much more.

A: The magic of SOIL CARBON! Read on…

Looking forward to the Landline episode on Soil Carbon on the 27th? Excited?

Some great things will be explored there – but what else is there to learn? What are the details of getting involved and what are the other on-farm opportunities?

Well, continue your journey to understanding at the tenth National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo.

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We’ll take time over the conference days to explore ALL the opportunities for Farmers, not just Soil C, but today let’s look at the Soil Carbon journey.

As soon as one comes to understand the ‘carbon cycle’ it becomes obvious that soil (and vegetation) are a ‘natural’ solution to climate change.

Question: What’s the problem?
Answer: Too much carbon in the air.

Question: How do we get it out?
Answer: Using photosynthesis! – every plant leaf is a solar panel taking CO2 out of the air, using the carbon for its own needs, and taking it back down into the soils where it can be used by microbes and also stored over time.

Not just that, more carbon in soil and vegetation means better productivity via higher water holding capacity and improved soil structure. Read more about Soil Carbon dynamics here, and watch this video about managing for Soil Carbon.

Question: WHO is in charge of the majority of photosynthesis on the Land?
Answer: Farmers, Landholders, and their trusted advisors. Yay.

This is why CFA ‘invented’ the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo – in 2007.

  1. To get the message out,
  2. To push for involvement- farmers need to engage,
  3. To widen the industry knowledge and experience – which leads to more investment and more opportunities for Farmers,
  4. To introduce Farmers to the market and how it operates.

Spotlight on the Australian Soil Carbon Method

A ‘method’ is a set of instructions farmers must follow to achieve payment for increases in carbon sequestration or emissions reductions.

This will be explained at the conference in the first session, called Carbon Farming 101. This will get you up to speed with all the technical jargon. A great beginning to your conference, and then have a drink at the complementary Welcome Event.


  • A Soil Carbon method was introduced to the then ‘offsets committee’ for review by Carbon Farmers Of Australia at our 2013 conference. Others also contributed, such as Carbon Link.
  • Since then, the Soil Carbon method has had bi-partisan support – unprecedented for other methods.
  • We now have the 2021 method – the third and most advanced method so far to assist Farmers and Landholders to be paid fairly for additional carbon sequestration in their soils.
  • AND the soils are one of the 5 ‘Low technology roadmap methods’ the Government has chosen to support to get to the Net Zero by 2050 target.

This is an extraordinary achievement in the world of ‘competing’ low emissions technologies.

  • Additionally, we are the ONLY nation to have sold Paris Agreement Compliant Soil Carbon Credits.

AgriProve, our conference partner has achieved this outstanding feat. This bodes well for our Soil Carbon method, and for Farmers eventually being able to ‘export’ credits. Matthew Warnken and his team will be on hand at the conference to assist with all of your questions.

In future newsletters, I’ll be putting the spotlight on many of our different areas/exhibitors and others.

Stay tuned, and hold on to your hats –



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