Spotlight on a Speaker – #1 Elisa de Wit – Partner – Norton Rose Fulbright Australia

February 4, 2014 Louisa Kiely

As promised, today I start the series on our speakers. Each has been chosen for a reason, and the conference builds speaker by speaker towards the development of the whole carbon farming industry. Like any new industry, things tend to be rocky, clunky and definitely have the characteristics of ‘new born’ around them- small, not sure of who or what it is, but with huge promise hidden within. Not to mention in this case that the politics of the situation has see-sawed for a number of years now. That is why we also have plans to discuss how to take the industry forward with or without favourable Government schemes.

(This will be the subject of the 1/2 day ‘advanced workshop on the 20th March – but more of that later!) So, one of the development issues is around the cost of putting CFI projects in on the ground – auditing, measuring, monitoring and not least, legal costs!  

Software development is the answer to some of these issues (and we’ll talk about that later too), but there is a company working to drive down the cost of the legal requirements. Norton Rose Fulbright is a big international legal company with over 600 lawyers in Australia alone. (To see details on the company
click here ). They have made it their business to understand the legal side of the CFI and any associated legislation in Australia. They have helped people with the legal requirements of the CFI since its inception.

Last year, Norton Rose was awarded a grant through the ‘Extention and Outreach’ round of grants. This grant is to develop legal ‘templates’ for the CFI. So, instead of having to wade through the legal system from scratch, these templates will allow individuals and groups who wish to develop a CFI project to easily and cheaply down load the templates. Elisa de Wit is leader of the company’s climate change practice in Australia. She will enlighten us about the company’s ‘Legal and Contracts Guide’ developed by herself and others as part of the above program. Come and find out what this means for your project! View Elisa’s bio and photo

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By the way, I’m 9/10ths of the way through the draft program, which will be on the site by week’s end. Do ‘drop by’ to see this, but I’ll let you know when its up as well. More exciting speakers to come.


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