Spotlight on a Speaker – #2 Introducing Ischani Wheeler….

February 6, 2014 Louisa Kiely

A long time ago,  I sat in a meeting, funnily enough about soil carbon and its potential for storage in the ground, and thence to trade!  There was a young student giving some very good insights into soil carbon  – and her name was Ischani  Wheeler.   Ischani  was obviously very passionate in this area and now she holds a PhD in Soil carbon Sequestration! Or, more precisely her PhD examined farm-scale auditing protocols for soil carbon sequestration.  I wonder if she is the first to have formal qualifications in this space?

Is it any wonder we will hear from her at the conference? She has seen the ups and downs of this ‘measurement’ challenge, and she will be talking about a measurement protocol which has a patent approval on it.    This will be one of the measurement protocols we talk about at the 1/2 day field day on the 17th March.  You’ll also be able to ask questions at the conference, and they will have an exhibition at the expo  as well.  How have they resolved the issues? how can it be used? Do we still need to dig holes?

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We will compliment Ischani’s  talk on soil carbon measurement with one or two  other ones  –  but the other important issue is “How does a soil carbon measurement protocol marry with an approved  methodology which sets out the things a farmer needs to do to be paid for increases in soil carbon?”   I urge caution here – you need to get all parts of the puzzle before you race off with any one measurement protocol.  It will cost money to measure – make sure you don’t need to do it twice if you wish to be paid for increases!

Shayleen Thompson,  First Assistant Secretary in the Department of Environment, who has been working in this space since 1995 and has National and International experience, will talk about the link between such measurement protocols AND the CFI soil carbon methodology, which is nearing completion.

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