Spotlight on agriculture innovators

What do leading agriculture innovators think of the carbon markets?

As you will see in the updated preliminary program, we have three (well, more than that, but here I’ll talk about three) amazing agriculture innovator speakers at the Inaugural Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo.

These farmers may or may not be entering the carbon markets, but they sure are interested in keeping agriculture profitable in the new carbon economy – and/or within a changing climate.

Firstly, we will hear from Erica Halliday, President of Angus Australia. She has her own story to tell, but as many others found, the last drought really did require some re-thinking of their farming system.

She is now interested to understand how and when red meat producers can engage with what is in the new market for them.

Erica Halliday

I’m sure she will also be interested in the new Method Development regime, where proponents can propose new ERF methods – is there a pathway to a farmer driven approach? An Angus beef approach?

Graham Gilmore

Secondly, we will hear from Graham Gilmore of the famous Tattykeel stud.

Fresh from his success at the last show, Graham admits to not knowing a great deal about this ‘new market’ but he sure does understand how to get the most out of his country. He has data on a 600 acre paddock where he compares returns from a cattle enterprise, a crossbred sheep enterprise and an Australian White enterprise.

Yes, he is the father (amongst others) of the Australia White meat sheep. I’m sure he will have plenty to say.

Thirdly, we will hear from Lachlan Graham, Co-CEO of Argyle Foods Group.

Argyle is an integrated Australian agricultural company specialising in carbon, regenerative agriculture, and premium value-added beef and lamb production. They are developing a number of ERF projects on their properties.

Lachlan Graham

Lachlan will explain the challenges/successes they are facing doing it on their own. Further, they are committed to assisting other farmers to learn from their experiences.

These three sessions will be IN ADDITION to full-day Soil Carbon Summit, held in conjunction with the Soil Carbon Industry Group (SCIG) – the only group in Australia dedicated to supporting and advancing the soil carbon industry. SCIG was formed as soil is the largest carbon sink over which we have control and is essential for soil health and food security. It needs its own voice!

An important topic at the Summit will be reducing the cost of soil carbon measurement. 

One of the main ‘beefs’ about the ERF Soil Carbon Method has been the cost of measurement. In their wisdom (prior to leaving power) the previous government put up millions of dollars for a grant program to showcase innovative solutions to the soil carbon measurement challenge. We are lucky to have 4 or 5 of these recipients speaking about their innovations.

More on the soil soon…




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Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo

Monday 17–Wednesday 19 July 2023