Spotlight on evolution in the soil carbon measurement space

Spotlight on evolution in the soil carbon measurement space

As the carbon farming market evolves, new and innovative ways to break barriers to entry into the soil carbon space emerge

Today, we introduce Carbon Asset Solutions (CAS) who have worked hard over the past five years to solve some of the issues.

We spoke to CAS Managing Director, Hamish Macdonald.

Hamish hails from a generational grazing family and for the past 20 years he has been launching agritech businesses. In 2018 he teamed up with other business leaders to focus on climate technology solutions. They formed CAS in 2018.


“When we researched carbon farming programs we saw high costs, inefficiencies, and frustrations for farmers. Our aim was to eliminate these and develop a precision MRV that rewarded farmers transitioning to sustainable practices without the costs, complexity, and the risk” says Hamish.

The heart of the CAS system is patented precision soil carbon measurement technology development by the US Department of Agriculture. It delivers a wide area measurement of carbon much more accurately than traditional soil sampling, does it instantly, and at a fraction of the cost.

“Our soil measurement and mapping is so efficient that CAS bears all the cost and we provide a carbon distribution map of the property to farmers, which is incredibly useful,” says Hamish.

There is no cost to the farmer to participate in the CAS Program or to receive a baseline scan and map.

The CAS Program operates under global ISO standards which means that the Carbon Credits can be sold to global markets for a much higher price than is paid in the regulated Australian market.

Says Hamish, “Australian farmers export high-quality agricultural products to global markets and get paid premium prices, why not Carbon Credits? Now they can under our program.”

CAS is active in Canada and the USA and will commence operations in Australia in June. Other countries are also looking to secure the CAS technology for their carbon farming operations.

“We have a global focus but we are an Australian company and my roots are in rural Australia,” says Hamish. “We are excited at being able to bring long overdue benefits to Australian farmers.”



CAS are one of our Diamond sponsors and I look forward to hearing a lot more about this new MRV as well as many other opportunities for farmers at the conference in July.




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