Spotlight on integrity in the market

Regrow believes agriculture has the power to reverse climate change

Today we proudly introduce another Diamond sponsor. What can they tell us about integrity in the carbon market?


“At Regrow, we believe science and technology can help us get there. The software platform we have developed enables us to the assist farmers that partner with us to transform farming, food systems, and the future of our planet,” says the representative from Regrow who will be speaking at the Inaugural Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo.

“We understand that ‘sustainability’ isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Sustainable systems must be both climate-resilient and economically viable — and it must start with the farmer.

“Regrow’s solutions are rooted in agronomy and based on growers’ needs. We work to ensure our solutions are accessible at the field level so we can grow adoption across the globe.

“Our science and technology allows growers to make field-level practice changes, track progress in real time and earn revenue for their efforts.

“Sustainable, resilient farming helps producers improve soil health, increase crop yields, conserve water and reduce input costs. Farmers can receive compensation for resilient practices from retail partners and project developers who use Regrow’s technology for unbiased calculations of field outcomes and producer payments.

“Our solutions allow growers to baseline crop performance on a field-by-field basis. This can facilitate decisions in regenerative practice adoption,” they explained.


“Furthermore, Regrow measures, reports, and verifies the effects of practice changes. Data is analysed in accordance with ecosystem market standards and regulations. This gives growers access to new profit streams through resilient farming practices and facilitates relationships with partners and corporations looking to reduce their environmental impact.

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Lachlan will explain the challenges/successes they are facing doing it on their own. Further, they are committed to assisting other farmers to learn from their experiences.

These three sessions will be IN ADDITION to full-day Soil Carbon Summit, held in conjunction with the Soil Carbon Industry Group (SCIG) – the only group in Australia dedicated to supporting and advancing the soil carbon industry. SCIG was formed as soil is the largest carbon sink over which we have control and is essential for soil health and food security. It needs its own voice!

An important topic at the Summit will be reducing the cost of soil carbon measurement. 

“We provide a flexible, farmer-first platform for a wide range of project needs, with a simple and streamlined experience from producer enrolment through program completion; independent measurement of program results and calculation of producer payments; reporting compliance aligned with Scope 3 standards, ESG requirements, and third-party verifiers; and we’re supported by a team of climate and sustainability professionals.

“In summary, Regrow’s independent and transparent MRV platform helps consumer brands, project developers and growers measure, report, and verify the impact of regenerative farming practices,” the speaker concluded.


Yes, we know that high-value markets rely on rigorous verification and certification. We look forward to exploring more about monitoring, reporting, and verification at the conference. Only six weeks to go!




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Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo

Monday 17–Wednesday 19 July 2023