Spotlight on the CARBON FARMING 101 WORKSHOP




The Carbon Farming 101 half day seminar is the SECOND in our 6 EVENT extravaganza over the 4 days. (See all events here)

Many of you register for Carbon 101, as you can attend the half day Field Trip (more on this program soon) and then hightail it over to The Commercial Club where I take you through the basics of the Carbon Farming Language. It’s been a tumultuous 10 years, but now it’s getting settled.

Then, go and RELAX at the welcome event, where the cold beer will be going down a treat.

Here’s a taste of what we’ll cover in Plain English (or see the full outline):

  1. Introductions
  2. Carbon Fundamentals Introduction
  3. What is the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) and the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF)?
  4. Opportunities for Australian Farmers CFI/ERF and beyond
  5. The CFI/ERF Process
  6. Potential New Revenue Streams
  7. ‘Methods’ explained, Projects explained, Landholder responsibilities
  8. The Two Markets – ERF Auction, and the Secondary Market. What of the International Markets?

So, let’s continue on our journey as we move to ‘mainstream’ the Carbon Farming/Regenerative Agriculture Industry!

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