A subscriber of ours sent us the piece below – it’s a different perspective on why cows [and indeed, any herding or grass eating animals] just may be the best environmentalists.

BY Vineet Sahai (New Delhi, India)


  1. No creation on earth exhales oxygen except Cow.
  2. Only cow has 4 stomach/chambers for digestion. It is a celestial laboratory on the move.
  3. Cow urine has the ingredients to protect and repair DNA damage. The root cause of cancer.
  4. No excreta on earth can absorb radioactive rays except Cow excreta. An unmatched medical insurance to people on earth. Pass it through an X-ray machine and you will notice.
  5. Only cow has the scientific relevance to mitigate/ cure flood, drought and Forest Fire.
  6. The closest DNA matching to human mothers milk is cow milk. The deficiency of this is the root cause of malnutrition and subsequent ailments.
  7. Burn dung cake in a ventilated room and record the air quality index before and after the event. See how the air quality improves. The hydrogen ions released upon combustion interacts and diffuses the pollutant ions present in the atmosphere.
  8. Add/blend dung cakes to the coal being fired in a power plant. The power plant efficiency and atmosphere (climate) will improve. Coal input costs will reduce.
  9. Every time the hoof of Bull interacts with the ions present in the soil, it charges the ions of the soil enormously, resulting into higher farming yields. Photon value can be measured.
  10. The hoof of the Bull can sense the primary waves (P- waves), which travel much faster and reach the target ahead of the damaging seismic waves during earthquake, giving a lead time.
  11. The hoof of the bulls are synced with the earth magnetic field and can walk on rocky mountain/ terrain of any inclination, without slipping.

To address climate change, we need to address the Hydrological cycle, To address Hydrological cycle, we need to address the soil. To address the soil, we need to protect our non-milch cow.