The TREE OF LIFE – Ancient symbol, modern meaning


Connector of all



How often do you see someone with a Tree of Life pendant?

Beautiful renditions of an ancient symbol with many meanings to different religions – but at the very core, a tree. The Tree of Life represents harmony, unity and ultimately the connection between Heaven and Earth – those who wear one help expand this knowledge.

Such a powerful image!

Who hasn’t experienced the wonder of lying under a tree – looking up through dappled sunlight, dreaming of… Regenerating the Land…?

Indeed, there is a magical quality to it – and the Tree of Life symbol shows many people connect with this – connecting country to city as well. We just KNOW they are important to our wellbeing. Deep down.

Some even think they talk, and maybe mimic humans.

Trees are essential to Regenerating the Land, to providing food and shelter – with beneficial edge effects, and microclimates, and food. Indeed a worthy companion to the work of the soil in the ‘carbon job’ as they take out copious quantities of carbon from the air to store in their structures and down their roots to feed the soil.

So, putting my rose coloured glasses on, how could Trees (and understory and connection) contribute to the Climate change solution while improving on-farm productivity, shade and shelter in a warming environment and provide an extra income stream – engaging our city cousins?

Let me count the ways:

  • Biodiversity Credits – Keep your trees where others have cut them down!
  • Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) – Forest Plantings
    Be creative where you plant them (0.2ha minimum area, no limit to maximum size!)
    Forget the narrow, long lines, do it to ensure shade, shelter and…
  • Agroforestry (literally ‘agriculture with trees’) and Silviculture
  • How about some Food trees? They sequester carbon, right?
    (This can be done under the ‘Gold Standard’. i.e. NEW International methods of Carbon Credits, – less prescriptive than the ERF)
  • Farm Forestry and Plantation Forests are also available under the ERF – what are the limitations?

Basically, there is more ‘carbon market’ opportunities in Trees than just the Emissions Reduction Fund.Let’s get our creative juices going and explore them all at the Conference – Speakers will include those earning ACCUs from Trees, those exploring the Gold Standard – and topics include Market mechanisms such as Biodiversity Credits and much more…


This, along with all the other Innovative thinking you will be exposed to at the conference will ensure that the next Minister of Agriculture and Minister of the Environment, will be in no doubt that the Farmers of Australia stand ready, willing and able to meet and exceed any ambitious emissions reduction targets – while adapting to a changing climate. That ought to be worth a few $Billion!!

May the Tree of Life thrive again!




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