The World is Awakening to the Soil's potential- continued

November 7, 2013 Louisa Kiely

 As the next  International   meeting on Climate Change and policy  draws very close,  I have many, many emails offering to go to ‘side events’  –  as various parts of the climate  story attempt to get organised in order to ensure the  world temperature rises no more than the 2 degrees agreed by science to be the threshold beyond which the consequences are both destructive and expensive.  

Some of these include:  Sub-working groups on carbon finance- how we get people to pay for pollution, discussions on behavioural insights, legal form and the new climate agreement – how do we get people to take it seriously. 

 Many are quite ‘technical’  –  Eg: Try getting your head around ” An  event which will focus on education as a means to enhance adaptation measures. It will also examine legal aspects of education, participation, and access to information under Article 6, and explore how the Doha Work Programme may be implemented to raise public awareness and institutionalize adaptation” .  

OR  –  Fancy a job in the space?   Click here to see how many are on offer.  

Finally,  why not go to BINGO  for all your climate change discussions!  Click here for information! 

 All this adds up to a very active International  Effort to come to a post-Kyoto agreement, and that the feeling that more needs to be done to limit temperature increase is growing.

 Its great therefore to notice again, that the SOIL  is the ‘up and coming’ sink –  we ourselves have been appointed to an International ‘climate friendly agriculture’  advisory task force –  underlying the need to ensure we are out the front in this space so we can offer credible advice.

But also, others  are understanding.   See here  to read about ‘the role of farming in closing the emissions gap”!   


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