There’s a rumour going around…

Is it true? Carbon Farmers of Australia has new partners?

YES, it’s TRUE. CFA has joined the Radicle Group.

So, for the last 8 years I’ve headed up CFA. Educating, getting projects up and running for Farmers, running the Clean Energy Regulator gauntlet, sitting on many important sub-groups and contributing wherever I could. Including hosting the famous National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo.

But to really assist many others I needed investment. I needed a team beside me and I needed more resources.

Radicle Group logoI had identified as a great company with an excellent culture, a history of agricultural carbon credits (among other things), and a sophisticated software platform to manage the amount of data that is required to successfully run Carbon Farming Projects.

So, we started ‘business dating’ – making sure all the synergies were there.

The result is a successful ‘union’ and I’m really excited that CFA has joined the Radicle Group. They consist of around 100 people, have offices in the USA, South America, Brazil, and are based in Canada. Gosh, they even have the same Queen 👑 (which may or may not appeal to you).

So what does this mean?

It really is just the ‘back end’ that will change. CFA will now have better systems and processes to enable us to better service YOU.

We will also be able to increase our team and bring MORE opportunities to Landholders and others. New methods, international experience.
I remain a Director of CFA.

I will still be manning the phones, talking directly with potential project partners and educating and providing resources to those just entering this space.

That’s enough about CFA. What’s happening for landholders?

1. The Market:

I’ve been regularly teaching ‘Carbon Farming and Trading 101’ to groups lately – as the awareness of the Carbon Farming opportunities increase. While face-to-face meetings are not yet firmly back on the agenda, I’m happy to do webinars for groups – give me a bell or email! We can tailor them for your circumstances.

E.g. If I told you that ACCUs on the Voluntary market are now worth over $50, would you be interested? Keep in mind that these prices are for lower volumes, but it seems the price keeps going in the one direction – UP.

2. And of course, the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo is coming up!

We already have some GREAT speakers lined up. This year will be the BIGGEST ever – I know, because Carbon Farming is now mainstream! Registrations are now open. Please visit the website – the draft program is up and you can register there as well. Virtual seats are available.

And if you have a product or process which is an ‘up-and-coming’ solution to improving soil carbon, reducing on-farm emissions, or preventing nitrous oxide or methane from entering the atmosphere, please get in touch and consider being a sponsor and/or a trade exhibitor. We want YOU!

3. Finally, YES, there will be an election between now and the conference!

And I’m sure whoever is campaigning in the ‘Climate Change’ space will want to let EVERYONE know what they are about at the Conference. You can get all the latest AND get to know your new pollies. It’s definitely on a knife-edge at the moment.

So, strap yourselves in, learn everything you need to know about Carbon Farming and Trading, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey. 😊




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