Time for a Carbon Farming Quiz!

Judging from my conversations over the last few days there are many misunderstandings about the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) and how it relates to OTHER opportunities in the Carbon Farming and Trading space. The ERF is NOT the only game in town. It’s up to us to open our minds to other opportunities as well, if we’re to mainstream the industry. Just another reason the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo is so sorely needed, and why you should attend!

So, what looks like a Carbon Project for Tradable Carbon Credits but is not under an Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) method?



(A) A ‘Carbon Project’ using a different (non ERF) but approved Method or Protocol.

Major developers are already looking at these alternatives.

A great example of this is the Reef Credit, the brain child of Developer Green Collar. Sure, this method will reward only farmers in the Great Barrier Reef catchment, but what it shows is that there are processes for approving methods outside the ERF. Visit https://www.reefcredit.org/current-consultation to have a look.

Green Collar will be at the conference to outline how this process works.


(B) Other International Standards

Don’t want to go through a whole approval process for a new method? What about using other International Standards?

For example,  CFA is working in Nepal with our sister company Carbon Farmers of Nepal (CFN). We’re using the Gold Standard method – which can include Agroforestry – and we’re integrating the harvestable Moringa Tree into their farming systems.

These are poor farmers with very small holdings, so there are challenges. However the farmers are embracing the opportunity, setting up their own nurseries and we are well on the way to developing our first project there which will provide those Farmers with a Carbon Income for over 25 years – while providing other products also.

Dr Ramji Bhattarai is heading our team and will let us know how Carbon Farming in Nepal is contributing over there at the Conference. Take a look at some of our Village Consultations and establishment of the nurseries.


(C) Ever heard of Carbon Insetting?

Here’s another potential – it’s an alternative to Carbon ‘offsets’. Some groups have methods outside the ERF – which have been measured, monitored and verified. This is more of a ‘direct agreement’ between a polluter and offsetter.

It’s important to note that these Insetting Credits can’t be sold on any register but for some it may provide an alternative. Visit https://ecosphere.plus/blog/ive-heard-of-carbon-offsetting-but-what-is-insetting/ to understand it better.


We bring an Australian example to the Conference – Bass Coast Shire has been working with Farmers and others to explore different market mechanisms. Dr Moragh Mackay (PhD) from Energy Innovation Co-operative Limited will explain how this works and what future there is for this alternative.


(D) What about Biodiversity Credits?

I hate turning Farmers away when they don’t fit a current ERF Method – but in another alternative example, Biodiversity Credits may be a solution. We’ll explore this potential at the Conference. Visit https://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/topics/animals-and-plants/biodiversity/biobanking/biodiversity-credits in the meantime.


If you haven’t already guessed, the answer is (E) All of the above!


As I’ve said before, we will inspire and inform you – the above is only a taste! There are many events to choose from at the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo and nowhere else to be informed.

Looking forward to meeting you or seeing you there! Register now! 



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