Is this market the best thing since sliced bread?? 🍞 (or Vegemite?)

The evolution of Carbon Farming and Carbon Trading sees not ONE market, but TWO emerging

Read on for potential Tree Plantings opportunity for biodiversity/Carbon Trading

SPOILER ALERT For this particular tree plantings opportunity you will need to live in one of the chosen areas. (see below) Don’t worry, however, this is just the beginning.

Yes, we live now in the world of ‘carbon consciousness’.

This means FARMERS (of the world) have opportunities to not only MITIGATE (i.e. lessen the effects of climate change via sequestration in Vegetation and Soils and be rewarded in the Carbon Markets), but also they can now be rewarded in the ‘co-benefits’ or ‘biodiversity’ markets (i.e. other market-based instruments not directly related to the Carbon benefits BUT related to the same piece of land).

BINGO! One piece of land, two markets. Potentially one piece of land and several different carbon farming projects too.

AND you want to know the BEST piece of magic in all this?

It’s the ONLY market you will ever engage with where you SELL THE PRODUCT (CO2e and/ or co-benefits/biodiversity) but KEEP THE BENEFIT ON FARM.

i.e. you will keep the Carbon in the soil, improving soil health and water holding capacity, and trees, providing shade and shelter.
Shhh… don’t let the secret out…

I’ve alerted you, dear readers, to this ‘co-benefit’ market before – e.g. the Land Restoration Fund (LRF) in QLD has set the scene.

NOW, The FEDERAL Government has seen fit to start a PILOT of their own. I have no insider knowledge on this – I’m passing on information that crosses my desk (OK, so I keep an eye out for all this stuff!) which presents an opportunity for Farmers in my area and others.

And YES, Carbon Farmers of Australia is in a position to assist.

THIS Pilot will reward chosen farmers who:

  1. Implement a new ERF Environmental Plantings (biodiverse native trees) project
  2. Are successful in applying for funding under this Pilot

The opportunity is that you earn ACCUs (everyone knows that stands for Australian Carbon Credit Units, right?) PLUS, if your application is successful, you get some up-front funding for planting the trees, infrastructure, etc in return for reporting under this Government scheme.

OK. Details:

This pilot is part of the Federal Govt’s Agricultural Stewardship Package from Minister Littleproud.

From the official document:

“Over time, the aim is to create a credible market mechanism that improves biodiversity and climate outcomes and creates new opportunities for Farmers (my capital F)”.

Here's the catch:

The pilot is initially being run in 6 NRM regions:

  • Burnett-Mary in QLD
  • Central West in NSW
  • North Central in VIC
  • NRM North in Tassie
  • Eyre Peninsula in SA
  • South West in WA

ALSO, this is for small-medium size plantings. Don’t look to be planting 100 ha of trees – the money won’t go that far!! You can expect there will be a lot of inquiries! The two examples given are for a 15 ha project and a 40 ha project.

DOESN’T mean larger landholders couldn’t have a smaller Tree Planting project. E.g. A farmer could have a 2000 acre property but apply for a 50 ha Tree Planting project under this program.

ALSO, if you have over 250 acres in farm size, why not at the same time request a free assessment from Carbon Farmers of Australia for a Soil Carbon ERF project (to be clear, the Soil Carbon ERF projects are OUTSIDE this pilot).

What do I need to do?

  1. Participants will need to undertake a NEW ERF Environmental Plantings method. And do the planning upfront for costs etc. Carbon Farmers of Australia (funnily enough) are a full-service carbon project partner who can assist in ALL aspects of getting such a project registered and through to credits. Naturally, Farmers can go it alone in setting up these ERF projects, but there are details within the ‘method’ which mean you are often better off using someone who does it day in day out.
  2. Successful participants will also need to comply with the C+B planting protocol and reporting requirements.
  3. Applications open 12 April and close 11 June. Successful applications will receive a price offer. You will need to sign a legal agreement.

Want more details?

Contact me in the usual ways… Phone 0417 280 540 or hit the button below to send me an email!

You can also Google it of course 🙂

Disclaimer: CFA has no additional knowledge of the program except that which is publicly available.




Want to learn more or get involved in the Pilot?