Truckie from Dubbo leads the world on Carbon Cuts?

September 18, 2012 Louisa Kiely

OK, so Steve Fieldus is an unlikely contender for Greenie of the Year. He runs 11 bulk haulage trucks out of Dubbo, and has a tattoo of his favourite one on his bicep. But this quietly spoken ‘truckin’ man from north Dubbo NSW now runs the only carbon neutral fleet on the planet! 

Lets say that again – He emits over 4000 tonnes of CO2 into the air each year, but he is determined that HE won’t be adding to the load of CO2 in the air! He says he wants to ‘clean up after himself’. Not only is he slashing the amount of CO2 his trucks emit, Steve is voluntarily paying a carbon tax to cover the emissions he has yet to reduce.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that this week Steve completed the last requirements for certification under the National Carbon Offset Standard, a voluntary program run by Low Carbon Australia – a Commonwealth agency. The process took 10 months to complete! First we had to measure the company’s carbon footprint, and then we decided how much of his emissions he could eliminate in the first year. This left a gap that he cant fill with savings this coming year, so he purchased offsets on the Voluntary market. In this case he contributed to a project in Africa.  
“I wanted to buy offsets from Australian farmers – especially soil carbon offsets but they aren’t available yet. Hopefully next year” he says.

Happily, Steve was inspired by attending the Carbon Farming Conference last year. “I’m not a farmer, but I want to do my bit, I want to ensure I don’t add to the problem of too much carbon in the air, and the vision put forward by Carbon Farmers Of Australia – a farmer led organisation that believes that massive increases in photosynthesis on the world’s farmland can stall global warming, really sounded great to me”

Steve is convinced that the world will be a safer place for his 4 children and grandchildren if other companies follow his lead. “There’s a lot of debate about climate change – who knows what’s right, but if the majority of the world’s recognized scientists are right, we had better have done something.”

Steve wants the Government to consider his voluntary approach to reducing emissions verses the plan to phase out the diesel rebate scheme in 2014. In the meantime Steve believes he will impress his customers with his feat. “It’s a win/ win for our customers, for our business and for the future” says Steve. 

Steve will be one of our special guests at the conference – explaining why he believes Dubbo and Australia should get behind this. “Already I’ve had approaches from company’s with more efficient, less polluting motors. Our energy use has been very inefficient, and by making sure I’m paying for the carbon I emit, it sure will focus my attention on how to reduce those numbers” 

Steve is a typical ‘voluntary’ customer for farmer credits (or ACCU’s – if you want to be technical) Come to the conference and find out what makes your new customers tick – and meet the man himself. We will, of course, park one of the Carbon Neutral Trucks outside the venue – which will have the brand new logo gleaming on its side. Imagine seeing it ‘truckin’ down the road – ought to cause quite a stir! 

We also hope to have some ‘goodies’ loaded up on the truck as our major give-away for the conference – but more on that soon. For all other news this week, check out

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