Voluntary Carbon Market Lesson – 2

April 26, 2013 Louisa Kiely

So,  I promised that I’d  be letting you know more about the ‘Voluntary Market’ and even those  ‘CDM type’  credits the Opposition is talking about.

The best known company Internationally who approves ‘methodologies’  is the Verified Carbon Standard or VCS.  They act in a very similar way to our  Carbon FArming Initiative rules –  but with many more category of credit available.   They also support the CDM  (Clean Development Mechanism) methodologies.

Funny enough,  a perfect example of the type of credit which I understand could be available in addition to the CFI  under the Oppostion crossed my desk this morning.  Click here to read it all, but in essence its about the VCS  approving  a revision of CDM methodology AMS-III.BC, “Emission reductions through improved efficiency of vehicle fleets”.

So,  any fleet of vehicles which shows they adhere to the methodology via energy efficiencies would be able to claim a reduction in emissions and earn a credit  – which, under the Opposition would be available for sale to the Government.    This could suit  Linfox,  or other large trucking firms for example.

If done under VCS rules, the credit would also be available to sell Internationally.

Yes, it does concern me that Farming Credits  would have so much competition.   For this reason we are supporting the  newly formed   Australian Carbon Co-operative.   Farmers will need to gather together to ensure they are able to get economies of scale on pricing, as well as blocks of carbon to sell direct to polluters.  More later!


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