Voluntary Market Rules!

April 3, 2013 Louisa Kiely

Many times in our ‘carbon market for farmers and the soil’  journey,   we have been repremanded for suggesting that it even had any value, given that the Soil would have to be traded in the Voluntary Market and ‘everyone knows’  the Voluntary Market is the small,  low end of the market.   How could we hope to make it work, don’t  you need the ‘mandatory market’  with its super – large (low priced)  orders?. Well, we always thought that the Soil holds a key to climate change mitigation – AND there is many other reasons to make sure we ‘save our soils’.  The Carbon Market is a tool to make this happen. And soil carbon is ‘gourmet carbon’ –  the best of the best of stories.

Low and behold – check out the direction of the Voluntary Market. “In
parallel with the exodus of market participants from the Kyoto
Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism, a whopping 80 percent of
project developers and investors surveyed for Point Carbon’s newly
released Carbon 2013 report expressed interest in exploring the voluntary carbon markets as an alternative avenue”.  Click here for report

Wow and Wow –   maybe the Voluntary Market will be THE  market –   and we still believe we can make it work.   Once city folk understand the win/win that carbon farming represents, they will be happy to support our farmers.

Still, we wait for the soil carbon methodology under the CFI to arrive.  Slowly, things are moving. Given the urgency of the job ahead, it can’t come soon enough.   We’ll learn as we go,  and farmers can be the climate heros they deserve to be. 

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