Voluntary Markets Power On!

April 18, 2013 Louisa Kiely

Further to yesterday’s  ‘keep on keeping on’  message,   click here  to see the latest in investments worldwide in the Voluntary Market Space.

The fundamentals  have NOT gone away: –

•climate change and the need to do something. 

•Need for business to show they are doing something.

•The biggest polluting countries just coming on line. 

•The ability to market good quality credits – such as soil c credits, for a premium.

I guess because we have 25 years of marketing experience from our previous life, we are not afraid of a niche market  –   remember the beginnings of the Organic market?

Also, there is more to the ‘on farm’  carbon story than just the Carbon Farming Initiative and Carbon Credits.   Think  ‘integrated carbon farming’  .   A carbon farm plan which may include biomass,  biochar, farm forestry  and others.    This is how we will develop the carbon farming conference this year –  examining and developing  ALL the areas,  now we have an understanding that Carbon is a new commodity with various potentials.  Stay tuned!



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